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Neo Japan 2202 - Dr. Wayne by Johnson Ting
I don'\t know about you, but I always felt that Bioshock 2 felt extremely contrived and i felt like it's the weakest entry in the BioShock franchise by a loooong shot, I fucking hated everything about it and I wish I could unplay it, we didn't really need that sequel, but I want to know what your impression on the game is, do you consider that game canon?


Youre definitely not alone in feeling this way about it. Ive seen a lot of people who share your views. I liked it quite a bit myself. There were only a few levels that i didnt really get into and i had fun with the combat part of it. I also felt the story was pretty good and i really enjoyed the minervas den dlc.  My favorite part of it was being able to go outside in the water. It might seem like a small detail, but i was so excited when they said you could do that at certain parts. I do however, feel that it didnt match bio1. Pretty much any chance to go back to rapture im for though, even if its bioshock 25354 where you play as a sea slug and all you can do is crawl on the floor and leave behind a trail of slime. And i have always considered it canon.

Suck it Anon.


When in doubt, tea.
When happy, tea.
When cold, tea.
When sad, tea.
When sick, tea.
When no inspiration, tea.
When have to leave bed, tea.
When supposed to be doing homework, tea.
When scheming to take over world, tea.
When summoning minor demon, tea.
When accidentally starting apocalypse, tea.


Conceptual Art by Yohann Schepacz.
(via Conceptual Art by Yohann Schepacz | InspireFirst)



I’m really sorry for this one guys. I am not a clever man.

What a terrible night for a pun…