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So this is it. You were bad for me but I learned a lot. I’ll never forget you but I’m tired of being stalked and checked up on.

Before you criticize me for giving your phone number out I already knew you were talking to him and went on a date. You’re upset I told him to ditch you at Anime North not that I gave it out.

You loved the attention, you were broken beyond my caring. You treated me badly and I hope you live a great and happy life. Grow up, move on, live life. I have.

Good Bye.


Happy Easter! Bunnygirls for everyone!!!

The Man in the Tan Jacket

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this show is for little kids but it is the funniest shit I have ever seen

whats that mythbusters dude doin

is this attack on titan

once in art class my teacher played this on the projector for a full hour 

"D. D is for dumbness and despair and desertion. The desertion of your friends from you, you from your friends. Everyone from everyone. Isolation and loneliness… and hating and suspecting each other. D is, finally, death. Slow death. From the head down."

David Shrigley
The Bell